Don’t shave the Yak!

Yak Shave

I was reading a post by Seth Godin and I stumbled upon his post “Don’t shave that Yak!” and it resonated completely with me. I immediately sent out an email to my managers to share this story and even had some follow up conversations about it with them. For those who do not know (or who didn’t just go read Seth’s article) Shaving the Yak was originally a term used by the computer folks at MIT for finding yourself in the middle of several pointless tasks just to move a project forward. Sometimes the “Yak Shaving” can evolve into other great projects but often it just ends up delaying the project.

This gif captures the gist of it rather perfectly.

We have all been there. In my case I have put off posting to my own website for years because I wanted to make sure it was the best it could be and in order to do that I need to have the perfectly designed website and the articles planned out. I even thought about talking into my phone to write articles on my drive home to save time. This led me into researching all the types of voice recognition software there were. I found out the better ones weren’t available for my version of android so then I needed to look into which phone to upgrade to in order to make sure I didn’t choose the wrong phone. Looking at upgrade options on my carriers website made me realize I could have a better plan if I grouped my whole family on the same plan …. well you get the picture. Years have gone by and I still didn’t have my first blog post.

So today I read Seth’s article and the main message “Doing something now, not perfect, is way better than waiting until yo can do it perfectly”.  With that in mind this is my first post with a plain blank website, no design, no planning and no Yak Shaving!

Well almost – So as I was looking for references to this “Yak Shaving” story I saw a reference to the book “Make” in one of the comments and found myself reading the intro and already making plans…. wait … I was doing something … oh yes. Writing an article. If you are reading this I finally did press “publish”. More about the book “Make” later.

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